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How to create a PhotoBook template with Printspot

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a communion photobook template using a graphic editing program (Photopea, Photoshop, etc.) and Printspot’s responsive Photobook editor.

Learn step by step how to do it. To demonstrate, we will create a communion booklet template with you. Download the materials used in the tutorial here to follow along.



Step 1: Preparing the photobook template design

Exterior Part:

  1. Open Photoshop (or any graphic editing program).
  2. Create a new document of 15×15 cm.
  3. Design the exterior part of the booklet, allowing the user to insert their text.

Interior Part:

  1. In the same document, create the interior part.
  2. Define the spaces where the user can place their images.
  3. Add design elements that overlap the images to give a professional layout touch.

Step 2: Using Printspot’s Responsive Photo Book Editor

Template Configuration:

  1. Open the responsive Photo Book editor.
  2. Create a new template and assign a code, name, and thumbnail.
  3. Activate the communion-themed cliparts.
  4. Set the size of the booklet (15×15 cm) and add a 4 mm bleed.
  5. Set the output file to PDF (it can also be JPG).

Step 3: Creating the Model Associated with the Template

  1. Click on “Create model” in the editor.
  2. Upload the images previously prepared in Photoshop.
  3. Place the graphic elements in the editor’s workspace.

What is a model? A model associated with a print template represents a graphical edition of the template that allows interactive editing.

Step 4: Configuring Permissions

Exterior Part:

  1. Select the exterior image and apply it as the background.
  2. Set permissions so that the user can only add text over this image.
  3. Configure the text box so that the user can change the text and font, but not move or delete the box.

Interior Part:

  1. Place the graphic elements following the coordinates from Photoshop.
  2. Allow the user to change the images, but not move the graphic elements.
  3. Configure the permissions for each page, allowing only text addition if necessary.

Step 5: User Preview and Editing

  1. Save the template and the associated model.
  2. Access the editor to see how the final design looks.
  3. The user can upload their photos and place them in the allowed spaces, adding text if desired.
  4. Once finished, the user can add the booklet to the cart and complete their order.


See the result here.


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