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How to Create a Personalized Bookmark

In this tutorial, we will create a personalized bookmark or book marker measuring 55 x 210 mm as a product for Printspot.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a personalized bookmark using the template manager and the multi-gift editor. To follow the step-by-step instructions, you can download the materials used in the tutorial here.

Step 1: Access the Template Manager

First, access the template manager and select the multi-gift editor. This is where you will start configuring your personalized bookmark.

Step 2: Configure the Product Details

  1. Add the Product Code and Title: Enter the desired product code and title. Ensure that these details are clear and descriptive.
  2. Add a Thumbnail Image: Select an image that will be the product thumbnail. This image should be prepared beforehand.

Step 3: Configure the Product Variant

  1. Add the Variant Code and Title: Enter a code for the variant and a title. In this example, we will use “child” because the design theme will be for children.
  2. Set the Price and Number of Components: Define the price and the number of components. For a single-sided bookmark, set the minimum and maximum number of pages to one.
  3. Specify the Dimensions: Mark the dimensions of the bookmark, for example, 55 x 210 mm.

Step 4: Create the Product

  1. Click the Create button and add an image that you want to appear as the background in the editor. Verify that the dimensions are correct and accept.

Step 5: Configure the Printable Artwork

  1. Layer System: Access the printable artwork and use the layer system.
  2. Background Image Layer: Add a background image layer. Select a previously prepared background, in this case, a children’s theme.
  3. Collage Layer: Add a collage layer so the user can add their own images. Allow the user to upload three images with a 5 mm separation between them and 10 mm top margins.
  4. Free Content Layer: Add a top layer for free content so the user can add their own text anywhere on the bookmark.

Step 6: Preview and Finalization

  1. Review the preview to ensure the design looks as expected.
  2. Offer the option of another design with the same theme, allowing the user to follow the same steps.
  3. Save the design and the product will be finalized.

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