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Software Álbum de fotos y Libro de fotos

Software for photo album creation and publishing of print and multimedia products

Product customisation editor accessible from any device with an internet connection.
Fully responsive for smartphone, computer or kiosk screens.
Crea plantillas para todo tipo de productos: fotografía, fotolibros, calendarios, lienzos, collage, objetos, señalética y productos de imprenta.
The content that the customer sees on the screen is received by the trader in a ready-to-print file.
Administration panel for creating templates.


Photo Album Editor - Editor de Fotolibros

Photobooks to file photos

An easy way to store photos

Automatic book generation.
It adapts the layouts and pages to the number of photos.
Editor de Álbum de Fotos

Report Photobook

Total freedom to create an album from scratch.

All editing tools.
Saving system for unfinished projects.
Personalizador de Álbum de Fotos

Creative Photobook

Themed photo books

Trader’s own themes.
Open or locked edition,
Software de Álbum de Fotos

Celebrations photo album

Predefined designs

Great results with little effort.
Weddings, births, Christmas,…
Software de libro de Fotos

Franchise Photobook

Personalisation of merchandising

Locked content
Limited personalisation
Personalizador de libro de Fotos

Photo album for Entities

Fixed Logos and brand components

Respects the brand identity.
Open customisation
editor de libro de Fotos

Photo album from PDF

Printing without edition

Pre-generated PDFs.
Validate PDF sizes and pages.
Cuento personalizado infantil

Personalised Story

Customise very specific areas

Customisable closed designs.
Merchant’s own graphics.
Software para fotolibros profesionales

Contact Sheet

Photo index file

Contact Sheet template.
Customisable pagination.

Mobile photo albums

Create a book from your smartphone

Smart photo distribution.
Manual editing option.

House brand software to boost your own brand with photobooks

The editor is developed to suit the needs of the retailer, so they can take advantage of their printing and finishing equipment to offer consumers the widest range of photobook options.

No manufacturer’s logo, symbols or branding on the final products.
Allows a multitude of products to be customised.
Software fotolibros profesionales
Editor de Fotolibros profesional

Responsive photobook editor accessible from any device

The photobook editor is designed so that any consumer can easily create photobooks from any device and operating system with an Internet connection.

The editor interface adapts to the resolution of the screen used, maximising the usability of the software on any device.
It is possible to start editing on one device and continue editing on a different one.
Projects are automatically stored, regardless of their status (in progress, pending purchase or purchased).

It makes it easier for consumers to manage their photos

The editor’s tools help the customer to choose and organise the photos, which is the main difficulty in creating a photobook.

The customer can add his photos from his device (phone or computer), Google photos, Facebook or Instagram.
Depending on the merchant’s preconfiguration, the consumer can add, move and/or redistribute their photos during the editing process.
Personalizador de Libro de fotos

The merchant can pre-configure and pre-design the photobooks offered

The merchant’s administration panel allows them to customise the photobooks offered for sale.

Choose the characteristics of the cover, the pages, the binding, the design… among other options.
Configure the user’s work mode for each product: automatic, manual or auto+manual.
Create themed photobooks (anniversaries, trips, celebrations…) to make design work easier for the consumer.

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