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Back End Management Guide

User guide for backoffice administration

This user guide summarizes all the functionalities of the HTML5 editors system administration panel.
The different editors that correspond to the different types of products have specific manuals although in this manual reference is made to some of their characteristics.

Starting screen

When entering this backoffice panel, all available menu options are displayed on the left side of the screen.
By selecting the icon in the upper left corner, the menus are hidden.

Dealer Orders

The first screen that will be displayed, when accessing the BackOffice, is that of pending orders for download.
In the central part, the orders screen shows which orders are pending to be downloaded, manually or automatically.
In the order menu we have two tabs, one with the orders pending download and another tab with the details of all the orders that have already been downloaded.
In the “Pending” tab we will see each of the orders received and that are pending to be downloaded, the orders are downloaded automatically by the Production Center application, but they can also be downloaded manually from this Backoffice.

The “Downloaded” tab shows graphs and details of all orders received. We can select a range of days and it will show us the details of each order, as well as a statistic in numbers of orders and MB transferred.

Dealer Section

In this menu all the details related to our trade are configured, we can modify the account of access to the backoffice, data of the email of notification of new orders, the time zone, and the currency that we want to show in the online editor.


In the Configuration menu you can edit the following values:

  • Name of the trade
  • eMail The email account that we configure, will be used to receive an email notifying that a new order has been received in the system.
  • Notify Order Reception: We can activate or deactivate eMail reception every time an order is received.
  • Time zone corresponding to the country of commerce.
  • Language: The language selected in this configuration section is not the language of the web interface but the language used for the notification emails of new orders.
  • Currency used by the trade to show in the online editor.

IMPORTANT NOTES about languages.
The language of the online editor, is the default language of the browser that the client is using. The languages ​​currently available are Spanish, English, Catalan. If the browser is in another language not available, it will be displayed in English.
The backoffice language is the default browser language from where the application is opened: Spanish, English. If the browser is in another language not available it will be displayed in English

Dealer Accounts

In this option it is only possible to change the email address and the password of the user Manager that will be the account of the system administrator.
The rest of the accounts are created internally by Imaxel for the general operation of the applications, and it is recommended not to modify any data.

Applications Section

Production Center

IMPORTANT: It is possible to download orders in two different ways:

  1. The manual download from the backoffice’s Orders panel.
    In this case the order is downloaded as a single zip file with the photos and instructions of the order.
  1. Automatic download: Installing a specific download software called “Production Center”.
    This program allows you to download orders automatically and sends them to a folder with all the images of the order grouped by the size selected by the customer.

We can download this program through the option “Production Center – Windows Application” from the administration panel itself.

Application name: ProductionCenter_last

Once installed, it must be configured with the access data provided by Imaxel, and selecting a folder where the downloaded orders will be sent.

NOTE: There is a specific configuration manual for this software that is not included in this manual. 

Projects Editors

The backoffice of Editors of online projects, allows us to use a series of editors to create different types of products.


The creation of products can be configured in combination of some “Materials“, images that will be used as a Scene or Design to be able to apply in multiple products, and the values ​​of the configuration of the “Products“.


Customizable products will be created using the appropriate editor based on the type of product.
Many of the editors share configuration options and are designed for quick and easy product creation.

  • Free format (editor for products without specific format, free format) 
  • Simple Photobook (editor for simple photo albums with the possibility of exchanging images between pages and adding images)
  • Wide Format (editor for Posters, collages, mounted on wood, photoblock, methacrylate) 
  • Canvas (editor for photo canvases, canvas) 
  • Multi gift (editor for any product, and products with more than one component)
  • Multi-page (editor for calendars) 
  • Prints Pack (prints editor)
  • Polaroids (editor for Polaroid type copies)

The information of each of the editors is documented in separate sections.


If for some reason it would be necessary for you, Imaxel can create the products according to your needs, the person responsible for the project will inform you of how this service should be requested.

Distribution Rules

These Distribution Rules are only managed by the persons responsible for the project.

The operation of the distribution rules works on the basis of a system of accounts, one is the account of the receiver, which is where the orders have to be downloaded, and a sender account that is the one that sends the orders.

That means, using the distribution rules we can derive orders to a specific receiver based on certain criteria.

By default, the system is configured so that all received orders are downloaded by a single printing center.

Landing Demo

The system offers a Web “landing demo” for internal use so that it can use as a test bank the products that we register in the BackOffice.
The idea is that you can easily test the products that are being registered, and order tests to verify that the files to be printed are correct.
Although it is not necessary, in this section the system allows to configure some aspects of this Web for internal use.

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