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The «Touchscreen Kiosk» is a feature that allows users to independently and autonomously purchase products or services using the kiosk’s touchscreen. This functionality is designed to provide a quick and convenient shopping experience without the need for operator intervention.

When this feature is used, the operator’s administration panel is hidden, meaning the user has complete control and autonomy to navigate the system and make their purchase. The touchscreen displays an intuitive and user-friendly interface, with clearly visible options for navigation and product selection.

The user can explore the catalog of available products or services, select desired items, customize them as needed (if applicable), and place the order.

This functionality is particularly useful in environments where direct interaction with an operator may be limited or unnecessary, such as retail stores or self-service areas at events. It allows users to efficiently and comfortably make their purchases without depending on personalized assistance from an operator.

In summary, the «Touchscreen Kiosk» is a feature that enables users to make purchases autonomously using the kiosk’s touchscreen. It provides a quick and convenient shopping experience by hiding the operator’s administration panel and allowing the user to explore, select, and pay for products or services intuitively and without the need for additional help.

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