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The product and price management in Printspot is a tool that allows for efficient administration of a store’s product catalogs, including inventory management, product names, titles, descriptions, and images. Through this tool, users can perform the following actions:

  • Manage Catalogs: Define and organize product categories, set which products or variants are visible, and add new products to the catalog.
  • Update Information: Keep product information up to date, such as names, titles, descriptions, and images, to reflect changes in inventory or special promotions.
  • Accurate and Flexible Pricing: Set individual prices for each product or define price ranges. Additionally, apply discounts, special promotions, or adjust prices according to business needs.
  • Adapt Pricing Strategies: The tool provides the ability to adapt pricing and promotional strategies based on market demand and customer needs, enabling more effective sales management and a responsive approach to market conditions.
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