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Our e-commerce platform not only enables the buying and selling of products, but also offers additional features to enhance user experience and store management. Some of these features include:

  1. Customization of Product Catalog: Users can personalize the product catalog based on their preferences, such as categories, color, brand, etc. This helps them quickly find the products they desire and facilitates navigation through the store.
  2. Creation of Different Points of Sale or Pickup: The e-commerce platform provides the option to establish various points of sale or pickup at specific physical locations. This gives users the choice to collect products from a nearby store or select a convenient delivery location.
  3. Sales Statistics Generation: The platform offers analysis and reporting tools that allow store owners to obtain detailed sales statistics, such as sales volume, most popular products, generated revenue, etc. This aids in making informed decisions and tracking store performance.

These additional features in our e-commerce platform not only enhance the purchasing experience for users but also provide store owners with valuable tools to manage and optimize their online business.

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